Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pelter Winery

In a hot August afternoon, we visited the Pelter winery. Being a long time admirers of their Gewürztraminer and sparkling wines we had high hopes of the visit. Well, that was easy - the hopes were exceeded. In addition to their outstanding whites, we were happy to taste the outstanding quality of the reds. One of the nice aspects of the visit was a children friendly staff and environement that enabled us to enjoy tasting wines with 3 energetic boys. So friendly that our eldest son considers this visit among the highlights of his summer vacation.
Now to the wines:

Semillon T-Selection 2009
Clearly, this is an outstanding effort. Saying that it's the best Israeli Semillon is easy. More siginificantly, it stands very well compared to some of the best Austrialian Semillon that I've tasted. It has excellent balance, shows complex fruity aromas: Guava, Apricot and lime. All lead to a long and excellent finish. Excellent / Exceptional (89 - 91) [26/8/2010]

Cabernet/Shiraz 2007
Nice wine, but not great.Cinamon, light pepper, black berries, long good finish. A bit too international. Excellent (87 - 89) [26/8/2010]

Cabernet Sauvignon T Selection 2007
This was one of the best in this tasing. A very dark colored wine and overall deep wine. Dominated by variatal aromas, especially bluberries. The finish is long and very pleasent. Tannins are still on the rough side, give it at least a year or two before openning. Outstanding (91-93) [26/8/2010]