Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bordeaux 2003

This blind tasting was done as homework for the Bordeaux course by Wine Spectator School. The idea is to see the differences between generic Bordeaux, Cru Bourgeois and a classified growth from the same vintage. The differences between the levels were easily noticeable. Besides that, my take was to continue and avoid buying generic Bordeaux wines, as there are much better wines
to buy for 8 Euro.

Selection J. P. Moueix Bordeaux, 2003
Pale ruby red, very thin nose with some cherries and slight mocha. Way too simple. 70

Rollan de By Medoc 2003
Medium purple, blackberries, cassis, earth and chocolate along with a medium body and good amounts of tannins it is a balanced and good wine. Medium finish. 86

Malescot St. Exupery Margaux, 2003
Dark purple. A deep wine with layers of raspberries, current , blackberries and black cherry. This is complemented by bell peppers, tobacco, chocolate and some oak. Full bodied, balanced wine with a long finish and tannins that clearly announces: "5-6 years before the next bottle".
This is the wine we drank after unveiling the bottles. 93


Tommy said...

I believe that when taking the price into account, the Rollan de By Medoc 2003 is best quality per price (17 Euro).

Yaron Zakai said...

I agree, especially when I saw that the St. Exupery goes for 49 Euro.

Anonymous said...

Though there were very different levels of sophistication around the table at this tasting, we were unanimious in our opinions about the three wines. The Selection J. P. Moueix Bordeaux, 2003, was immediately identified as inferior; the Rollan was good, but not quite as good as the St. Exupery. Thus Tommy is very right in noting that the price/satisfaction quotiant for the Rollan was the highest. I do quibble--though I shouldn't--with my experienced and knowledgeable host. The St.Exupery deserves a high 80's mark, say 87. A week later we drank a 1997 Pio Cesare (Barolo) that far, far outshined the St.Exupery. There was more than 3 points difference between the wines, though as good as the Pio Cesare was it was not in the hallowed domaine of +96! Sanding five points off Yaron's take on the St.Exupery still gives it the respect it deserves